Sunday, December 20, 2020

Filtering Prophecy

Bill Weather
    Here we are all the way to the end of the year 2020 and even in this modern era, we still have, as the far  most popular view of prophecy in Christendom, a science fiction eschatology that is not even in tune with any geopolitical reality or historical fulfillments. The futurists are presenting a prophecy view that doesn't even cover the big 4 in prophecy much. The big 4 are Russia, China The US and The EU. They are so caught up in a science fiction interpretation to prophecy that it has its people solely focused on the middle east without anything given to them from Heaven with any specifics about America and how the end time specifically unfolds. They are full of but generalizations.
However, the other camp, which I'm a part of, has (1) supernatural prophecy, given from Heaven, which matches (2) scripture and also  (3) geopolitical reality. 
Prophecy need to run through these 3 filters
#1 The greatest by far, #1 filter, prophecy needs to run through is if it is backed by Heavenly supernatural confirming testimony and experiences. Futurists would argue that this is not #1, because they believe scripture is the #1 filter to run prophecy through. While that sounds so super right on, what they don't realize is when you run a scriptural interpretation thru a scriptural interpretation, it's no better than running through the view of a cult. There's no check on running scripture through scripture. It doesn't make any sense. It's circular reasoning. Since they are not getting prophecy outlined direct from Heaven like we are, they only have scripture to conjure up an end time scenario and lots of money from the Christian publishing industry to pump it, but it still is no check from heaven, only self conjured from scripture. The end result is circular reasoning, which has no real check on it.

#2 Scripture does need to be a filter to run prophecy thru, but not scripture alone, like the futurists are doing. The words of prophecy in scripture are highly metaphorical and with metaphors, they are subject to interpretational errors. This is why we can't use scripture alone with out Holy Spirit help with incredible supernatural manifestations, but scripture is an important filter to run prophecy through. Prophecy must agree with scripture, but that can be and is, subject to prejudice because that is human nature to misinterpret with prophetic metaphor, which can be highly subjective.

#3 We must run prophecy through geo political reality. We can't fantasize that someone like Iran would take over the entire world. That's not even close to a geo political reality. It is also a fantasy to think the mark of the beast could be enforced through our present system of religious freedom. A vast and violent change would need to take place for the mark to be enforced and the mass martyrdom that goes with it.

Geopolitical reality must play an important role, just as scripture, but most importantly, what Heaven has given already. The spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets. A prophet cannot magically come along and make up modern day end time prophecy and contradict the foundation that's already been laid by prophets and others in far greater supernatural encounter than any of the futurists have ever been given.

These 3 filters must agree with one another. This puts a check on what is spoken in prophecy. Sadly, most prophecy teachers and so called prophets have no idea how end time prophecy is going to unfold with the US , the EU, Russia and China. Many of them can't even agree on supernaturally backed testimony of the US being Babylon of Revelation 18. Many of them say the US is not in prophecy. This shows they have no idea what they're talking about and are teaching on a foundation that's putrid in evidence and with no supernatural experiences given of that, from Heaven.

It's a huge problem in Christendom and too many of them are running in fear of this view, because it would jeopardize their ministry. Reputations are at stake. The publishing world is convoluted and self delusional because they choose to be. When they refuse to run prophecy through the foundation that's already been laid through the well proven supernatural manifested testimonies, they greatly err because it doesn't even match geopolitical reality. They are in for a rude awakening when the tribulation starts with the sudden destruction of portions of the US. Their view is being pumped still and their prophecy view is not preparing saints to endure the few hard years ahead before Jesus comes.

Heaven bares witness of what is truly to come and neither the preterists or the futurists have the true testimony from Heaven of what the end time scenario for the world will be. The good news is, that we all do have the end result correct. We all agree, Jesus will reign for 1000 years as king of kings, but we sure could help a lot more people to endure the hard times to come if we all got on the same page and started agreeing with Heaven's testimony of what's actually going to happen in prophecy and the only way to do this, is run prophecy through the 3 filters of true accountability. That's the true check on prophecy and until Christian leaders repent of their unaccountability concerning prophecy, they will not be in tune with Heaven on any of their end time prophecy teaching. In the end, they will be horrified, along with their sheep, when God allows the US to be judged by Russia and China in WW3. They're in for a very rude WW3 punishment because they've put the true prophetic witness on a shelf. 

Without apology, Bill Weather,